Syphilis sauna - underneath lies

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Nowadays, there are several different types of saunas, but the process is largely similar. You have a heater that heats up a stack of rocks which then radiate the heat into the room. Saunas have a vent, usually found near the floor by the heater. This brings in fresh air and limits the humidity build up — we’ll get back to that a bit later. Typically, saunas are dry . Sure, some allow pouring a bit of water on the hot rocks to raise the humidity, but they still classify as  dry saunas. Conversely,  wet saunas  (often called steam rooms)   are airtight to keep the humidity close to 100 percent. The air is damp as no humidity can get out, and these saunas have significantly lower temperatures than dry saunas. In recent decades, infrared saunas have also emerged, though many still don’t consider them to be saunas.

Syphilis Sauna - Underneath LiesSyphilis Sauna - Underneath LiesSyphilis Sauna - Underneath LiesSyphilis Sauna - Underneath Lies