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The three types of products that consumers find labeled as “colloidal silver” can be categorized as follows: ionic silver solutions , silver protein , and true colloidal silver .

  • Ionic Silver Solutions
The vast majority of products labeled and sold as colloidal silver fall into this category due to the low degree of manufacturing complexity and resulting low cost of production. The silver content in these products consists of both silver ions and silver particles . Typically, 90% of the silver content is in the form of ionic silver and the remaining 10% of the silver content is in the form of silver particles. The silver ions are produced by electrolysis and may be described as “dissolved silver”. P roducts produced by electrolysis are frequently described as "electro colloids". Because the majority of the silver content in these products is dissolved silver rather than metallic silver particles, it would be more technically accurate to describe these products as silver solutions .  

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Cyclic esters are called lactones , regardless of whether they are derived from an organic or an inorganic acid. One example of a (organic) lactone is γ-valerolactone .

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Various - React Test OneVarious - React Test OneVarious - React Test OneVarious - React Test One