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All the same, in Caribbean daily life, folk mores exist side by side with globalized Western norms. West Indian society is a young society in which cultures with a strong oral basis—mainly African, Amerindian, and Asian—are just becoming exposed to each other, although they have long been side by side. New hybrid oral forms keep evolving in cross-cultural fusions. These hybrid folk forms, with their bases in ancestral orality, compete with the electronic and print media of modern Western culture. Standard English and Creole [End Page 164] jostle with each other in the creation of a Caribbean linguistic identity. This identity resists amalgamation. The indigenous syncretism emanating from the mixing of peoples signifies not a blend of cultures, but rather the similar economic and social conditions of colonization and the West Indian plantation. Those conditions have thrown up an identifiable Creole folk ethos that is not static, nor is it identical in all the territories. In a pan-West Indian way (and in places like Jamaica with its large population of African descendants), it is West African in root. But on islands like Trinidad, where successive waves of Asian plantation labor arrived in the late nineteenth century, this Creole ethos is composed of accommodations of Asian and European overlays on an entrenched West African base.

Sly Mongoose - Cross Of IronSly Mongoose - Cross Of IronSly Mongoose - Cross Of IronSly Mongoose - Cross Of Iron