Aconitum vulparia - toxic omen

Marked symptoms may appear almost immediately, usually not later than one hour, and "with large doses death is almost instantaneous." [ citation needed ] Death usually occurs within two to six hours in fatal poisoning (20 to 40 mL of tincture may prove fatal). [12] The initial signs are gastrointestinal including nausea, vomiting , and diarrhea . This is followed by a sensation of burning, tingling, and numbness in the mouth and face, and of burning in the abdomen. [13] In severe poisonings pronounced motor weakness occurs and cutaneous sensations of tingling and numbness spread to the limbs. Cardiovascular features include hypotension , sinus bradycardia , and ventricular arrhythmias . Other features may include sweating, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, headache, and confusion. The main causes of death are ventricular arrhythmias and asystole, paralysis of the heart or of the respiratory center. [12] [14] The only post-mortem signs are those of asphyxia . [13]

Aconitum Vulparia - Toxic OmenAconitum Vulparia - Toxic OmenAconitum Vulparia - Toxic OmenAconitum Vulparia - Toxic Omen